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Название: Standard Catalog of World Coins. 1901 - Present
Каталог монет Краузе с 1901 г. до наших дней.
Авторы: Chester L. Krause, Clifford Mishler
Аннотация: The 31th anniversary edition of coin collecting's one-and-only, single volume 20th century world coin book and price reference is the best ever. A new two-column format allows collectors to fully view the more than 48,000 obverse and reverse coin illustrations. The accompanying listing for each coin begins with the coin's denomination to create an easy point of reference. Each listing prices coins in up to four grades of condition and includes the mintage number and mintage date. More than one million prices have been thoroughly analyzed and completely revised to reflect current market values. Every known world coin minted since 1901 is covered. Includes essential reference information helpful to collectors of all skill levels such as a how-to-use tutorial, international numeric guide, identification charts, foreign exchange rates, and many more useful tools.
Полный каталог всех разменных и юбилейных монет всех стран и народов, с описаниями, фотографиями и ценами в долларах. Библия нумизмата которую в течение многих лет обновляет Краузе!
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